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Must-Have Appliances During A Pandemic

Must-Have Appliances During A Pandemic

Now that Singapore has transitioned into an endemic phase, it is even more unsafe to go outside, and catching Covid has become the norm. Grab prices are increasing, and people still have to eat their coveted 3 meals a day.

Constantly ordering expensive food from various eateries doesn’t seem like the best long-term plan right? During the 2020 lockdown, many people started to hone their cooking skills at home. Now that it’s 2022 and the pandemic does not seem to be going away, what better way than to hop onto the bandwagon and get your hands dirty in the kitchen as well? It’s never too late to start!

Here are the top 5 kitchen appliances to up your cooking game, and to be ready if the endemic ever escalates to a lockdown again.

1. Steam oven

Getting your hands on a steam oven is one of the very first steps you have to take if you’re serious about taking your cooking to the next level. While yes, it is not cheap, but we assure you that it is well worth the investment.

Besides providing versatility for cooking a variety of dishes, it also cuts down cooking time, gives the food a better taste, and best of all, keeps the nutritional level of its food! It is perfect for churning out a variety of yummy and healthy goodies in a short amount of time! Whether as a free standing or built in appliance, steam oven is one of the best appliance you could invest it as it offers a much healthier cooking and results than a microwave oven as it will prevent overcooking.  It is also the ideal appliance for reheating your takeaways or leftover without drying out the food.

Steam ovens make reheating takeaways or leftover food tastier

A good steam oven can also double up as a steriliser since it can go up to 100°C or more, perfect for disinfecting cutlery, drinkware and even baby bottles.

2. Dishwasher

The next thing to add on to your list of appliances to get is a dishwasher. Trust us, it will save a whole lot of time in the kitchen. According to an Intertek UK lab study, the average person spends about an hour a day just washing dishes, while loading the dishwasher will only take you 9 minutes. That’s a whole 51 minutes saved, for you to focus on other cooking endeavours!

Dishwashers are now available as countertop or fully built in models

Not only that, but it will also cut down your water consumption by 74%!  Did we also mention dishwashers are perfect for disinfecting all your serve ware from pots, wine glasses to your baby bottles?  What’s not to love? Check out one of our best selling model here

3. Large-size fridges

A large-sized fridge is a must-have during the endemic. You’ll definitely need the extra space to store fresh meat and vegetables in the event of a lockdown or increase in dining in with WFH arrangements.

Large capacity fridge-freezer allows you to store and preserve your fresh meats and vegetables

What’s more, a larger size fridge means being able to organise your food, inevitably reducing food waste. How’s that, you ask? Well, if it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind –  with a lack of space, most food ends up being pushed to the back of the fridge, forgotten, till it goes bad. Better to get a view of all your food and use it before it expires!

Having a larger fridge also means having a bigger freezer. This will allow you to cook a huge pot of yummy stew for the whole week, saving you the chore of having to cook a meal everyday!

4. Suction Hood

Ah, the kitchen hood, the underdog of the kitchen appliance family. Many people overlook it as a dispensable part of the kitchen, but is actually one of the most important kitchen appliances to have!

It comes with a myriad of benefits, the most important one being that it can improve the air quality of your home while cooking. It will help remove grease, odours and other pollutants that threaten the quality of your breathing space, especially when everyone is working or studying at home!   

Suction hoods are important for grease and odours removal

Suction Hoods also help to make your cooking experience more pleasurable, as it will make your cooking space cooler and easier to work in! Perfect when you’re cooking up a storm in the pandemic!

That wraps up our list of the 4 most important kitchen appliances to have during the pandemic! Now, you can make the best use of your kitchen during the pandemic and never go hungry!

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